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Sales Automation with Configurator 360 and Codeo Configurator
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In this class, attendees will be shown a real project. It is a setting where the manufacturer is selling their products from their website to the end customer. The items are all configurable and their dimensions change per customer. Previously the inputs were taken from the customer from the website or via email and then they would be drawn accordingly. This project starts from embedding Configurator 360 to the manufacturer website. We program the manufacturer models so that the customers can generate 3D models from their web browsers, get a quote within minutes, and order. This ensures the manufacturer getting enough information for the models. When the order is taken, the embedding API C360 sends the necessary data to Inventor and all the laser cut drawings for the particular model is generated. So there are a couple of solutions of what this project has, one of which is to give the customer instant quote for a custom-made product, the other is the remove unnecessary work done talking back to the customer to let them understand if they are buying the right product, and lastly to remove a good amount of time for redrawing times which actually is a non-value added process, making all this project a lean one.

Key Learnings

  • Use Configurator 360 for B2C applications
  • Automate Inventor to generate drawings
  • Use Visual Studio to fasten the design automation


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