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SLI: At the Forefront of Industrialized Construction

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    A 14 year journey through multiple iterations, SLI has arrived at a point where it can build a 14 story high-rise structure in a factory and assemble it on a job site as if it was a kit of parts. We are far from the end of the journey; for example, we're now 60% of the way from completing a load-bearing version of our solution which will be assembled as a low-rise residential home for homeless people. Without significant refinement in our manufacturing processes and assembly processes, we will not achieve the level of affordability that we intend for our solution to provide. So we clearly understand the necessity to transform our design manufacturing and delivery processes via a comprehensive use of digital tools. Our partnership with Autodesk is intended to be a mutually beneficial collaboration as a result of our bringing to Autodesk all of our current and past experiences gleaned from our industrialized construction journey.

    Key Learnings

    • Participants will better understand how difficult the journey is to transform an industry stuck in the 19th century
    • Participants will receive insights into decisions we made as we advanced from v1 to v7 of our kit-of-parts solution
    • Participants will learn truly historic aspects of what we've achieved during construction eg a functioning jump-car elevator
    • Participants will learn details of our fully converged optical and low-voltage, to the edge, building infrastructure