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Route Planning Using InfraWorks: A "How To" Class by Autodesk and CDM Smith

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    This class covers the use of InfraWorks software as a tool for sketching, designing, and evaluating multiple design alternatives using the cloud in the context of transportation route planning. This class shows you how CDM Smith used InfraWorks to plan the realignment and reconstruction of an existing county road project that improves habitat connectivity (reducing the risk of conflicts between vehicles and wildlife) and ties in to a major interchange on Florida's highway system. A second project shows how CDM Smith applied InfraWorks to model a new connector roadway between existing arterials that serve a heavily traveled tourist area in the steep terrain of East Tennessee.

    Key Learnings

    • Establish existing conditions using InfraWorks software
    • Sketch multiple layouts and create engineered designs of the proposed roadway that meet local standards and guidelines
    • Identify the optimal corridor location by evaluating numerous alternatives that minimize earthwork and construction costs
    • Create proposals to communicate the selected option using InfraWorks software