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The Road to Agile Manufacturing with the Help of Fusion 360

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    The world of manufacturing is rapidly changing. As designers, engineers, and manufacturers, we need to be more agile as our customers’ demands for the products they buy and use change. No longer are consumers happy with the status quo; more and more consumers want to be able to select and customize the products they are purchasing. So how can we stay competitive while giving consumers more choice? This is a problem we have spent the last 2 years tackling. Learn how a little start-up in a remote town in New Zealand is tackling this problem head-on with the help of Fusion 360 software and some good old kiwi ingenuity. We have been working hard to involve both existing and future customers in the product design and development process, letting our customers not only get the products they want, but get them at affordable prices. In this class, we will cover some of the ongoing challenges and key solutions to help make your road to agile manufacturing and industry 4.0 a little easier.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to break big problems up into sprints
    • Learn how to implement simple processes to help manage customer involvement in product development
    • Discover how Fusion 360 can help with agile manufacturing
    • Discover key areas that could help you on the road to agile manufacturing