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Reverse Engineering with Imported Data in Fusion 360

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    This class is for you if you’re a Fusion 360 user who regularly works with imported data, with the primary goal of reverse-engineering a design from that imported data. We’ll explore some techniques to use data—such as meshes, curves, images, and even solids and surfaces—from other design systems to create a basis for creating a reliable, native, parametric Fusion 360 design that represents that data as closely as possible. Learn what Fusion 360 can and cannot do when working with imported data. Learn how to avoid common performance problems when working with imported meshes and curves.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to reverse engineer designs from a variety of imported data sources
    • Learn how to produce reverse-engineered designs that are accurate, native, reliable Fusion 360 data
    • Learn about efficiently working with mesh data
    • Learn how to work with imported curve data