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The Return of The Superb Guide To Easy Revit

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    The Superb Team is back! Join me and my compadre, Nauman Mysorewala, in this much-awaited sequel to the AU2021 top-rated session where, during a fast paced, lively conversation (spiced with still more true war stories!), we will continue to answer the question - Can you maximize the capabilities of Revit software (versions forevermore, especially 2023) to the max? Our answer still is - of course you can! With the help of more of our favorite workflows, shortcuts, tips and tricks, plug-ins, and resources—you will gain the know how to enhance deliverables and dial up your productivity. What else will you gain from this session? You will hear answers to user questions from last year. You will gain the ability to pick and choose the best among the multiple ways Revit offers to achieve an objective. Above all, with our additional tricks for resolving curve balls in model, view, family, and annotation management and creation, you will learn to be fearless in the face of Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover quick, easy workflows to expedite repetitive tasks
    • Recognize and resolve challenges of the software up to the most current version
    • Learn how to boost Revit performance through model optimization and system configuration
    • Explore out-of-the-box, in-software, and out-of-software tools to enhance Revit workflows and problem resolution