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Research Directions in Simulation Moldflow

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    This class will review new functionality in Simulation Moldflow Insight software and discuss current research directions in the development of Simulation Moldflow software. Capabilities covered will include microcellular foaming, improved fiber orientation and fiber breakage calculations, enhanced wall slip calculations, velocity-controlled valve gates, induction heating, particle traces, user routines, the influence of mold deflection, and meshing enhancements. There will also be an overview of new research collaborations in the area of injection molding simulation research.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to choose the right technology for performing microcellular foaming simulation
    • Learn how to perform a mold thermal analysis, including induction heating elements
    • Learn how to investigate part defects by examining the polymer particle history during injection
    • Understand the influence of mold deflection on injection molding simulation accuracy