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Reinventing an Interior Design Practice

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    Interior designers may think Autodesk® Revit® software is less useful to them than it is to architects, but this class will definitely change their minds. As the scope of interior design is mostly on objects, such as furniture and interior finish materials, documenting enormous quantities of information in these categories makes it a challenge to model. It is almost impossible to model every little thing, but when it comes to project cost, everything counts. How can the information be included in the intelligent model without microscopic modeling that will overload the model? This class will introduce the use of data intelligent families with minimum geometry and smart scheduling to cover the interior design scope of work. The class will also demonstrate techniques that make use of data management in Revit to do documentation in various formats, which enables interior design delivery packages to be done in a single file instead of using different programs like Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Word, and Adobe® InDesign®.

    Key Learnings

    • Schedule data from families to track quantity and cost
    • Use Revit as an all-in-one program to present information in various formats
    • Explain the importance of data rather than geometry in modeling
    • Create data-intelligent families