Recap, Revit & Reality: Modelling reality with the perfect partnership, Recap & Revit
Instructional Demo    ANZ15-IN07
Russell Fuller Hill
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This presentation is all about how to eat an Elephant. In this case the elephant is extracting useful Revit models quickly and easily from pointclouds using Recap. Covering beginner level to advanced techniques you will be able to understand the how, why, where and who of creating a new digital reality and answer the question… “Can point clouds eliminate 2d drawings?”

Key Learnings

  • How to integrate pointclouds into your BIM project.
  • Fundamental & advanced extraction techniques.
  • Where pointclouds are more efficient as a project tool


Russell Fuller Hill
Russell Fuller Hill has been at the forefront of technical changes in built form design for 30 years from the introduction of CAD, GIS, 3D visualisation, BIM and now 3D Laser Scan to BIM. Russell is a passionate innovator and as owner of FHM Consulting he now is utilising 3D laser scanning as a vital tool in the BIM process. Scan to BIM is a rapidly advancing technology and Russell’s presentation will cover the challenges and techniques to successfully deliver a reality model using the perfect match of products, Recap & Revit.


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