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ReCap 360—Advanced Workflows
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Released in April 2015, ReCap 360 software represents a massive leap forward in capability for power users. This session will detail all aspects of this major release, focusing on the highest-impact features, including Automatic Registration, Cylinder Snapping, and RealView. The presenter will walk you through common workflows for these tools, using real-world data. You will be able to use the tools yourself with direct guidance from the Presenting Team. Finally, bring your questions for ReCap software's senior engineering management.

Key Learnings

  • Understand and learn how to use ReCap 360 Ultimate's automatic registration features
  • Learn how to effectively use ReCap 360 software's advanced measurement tools, including Cylinder Snap
  • Discover end-to-end, cloud-enabled workflows enabled by ReCap 360
  • Discover common workflow best practices


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