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Pushing the limits of design automation for Railway Infrastructure

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    Since 2015 we have been developing our capabilities to use Autodesk technologies to automate the modelling of linear civil infrastructures such as Bridges and Tunnels. These capabilities are now well implemented by most of engineering companies. But what about all the other railway linear infrastructures disciplines such as fencing, hydraulic structures, track, catenary, tunnel MEP elements that requires to be fully integrated in the design… In this class, we will review how we can enhance BIM modeling automation workflows on Revit and Civil 3D for these disciplines. For that we will take the example of Etihad Rail project where SYSTRA has developed a large-scale automation strategy using the in-house solution BIMinOneClick This class is subject to our customer agreement, “Etihad Rail”

    Key Learnings

    • Define Project Automation Strategy
    • Define exhaustive federated BIM models for Railway linear Infrastructure
    • Enhance BIM modeling automation workflows
    • Understand Revit and Civil 3D linear automation strategy