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Punches, Embosses, and Patterns, Oh My! Creative iFeatures and Punches.

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    When it comes to repeatable computer numerical control (CNC) patterns, sheet metal cut features, and various other Inventor part features, it’s tough to beat a well-crafted iFeature. In this course, we’ll cover some of the lessons the speaker developed from years of working with various clients and their requirements for the repeatable features, such as: how to create compound features (features in two directions), how to place standard iFeatures using a single point, how to control the input values for the feature, etc. We’ll also explore some of the more interesting iFeatures and sheet metal punches that the speaker has built, including sheet metal embosses, dimples, and more, as well as pattern iFeatures that can be driven using the host part parameters. So, whether you're a novice user or a wily iFeature veteran, there should be a little something for everybody.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about important design considerations and characteristics of a successful iFeature
    • Learn how to create a compound iFeature that will affect a component in multiple directions
    • Learn how to create sheet metal emboss features
    • Learn how to implement internal patterns in iFeatures and tie iFeature values to host component parameters