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Practically Dynamo: Practical Uses for Dynamo Within Revit

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    Have you ever wanted to learn the Dynamo visual programming language extension for Revit software but you decided to run and hide instead because you thought it was only for super-complex geometry and twisting towers? It's not. The Dynamo extension is for every Revit user. This lecture will describe the uses of the Dynamo extension and explain how it interacts with Revit software to help any Revit user. The Dynamo extension is a program that uses visual programming, but don't let that scare you. This lecture will teach attendees how to use the Dynamo extension even if they have no prior programming experience. Now that the Dynamo extension and DesignScript programming language have merged, the Dynamo extension is even easier to learn and use. This lecture will also give attendees very gradual doses of the Dynamo extension and visual programming so they leave with the skills to apply the Dynamo extension to practical Revit software workflows. And don't forget that the Dynamo extension is an add-on to Revit software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the answer to the question: What is the Dynamo extension?
    • Learn how to program using visual programming
    • Learn how to create practical uses in the office using the Dynamo extension for Revit software
    • Learn to script in the Dynamo extension using DesignScript programming language