Lecture    AB5482
The Great Dynamo Dig: Mine Your Revit Model with Computation
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This class will introduce concepts that will help you creatively capitalize on your Revit software data with the Dynamo visual programming language extension. The Dynamo extension enables users with powerful data-mining capabilities through a graphical user interface. These capabilities, once only available to Revit software API experts, have made it easier to get to your Revit software data, to manipulate it, and to stream it to many external sources. The class will introduce key concepts for accessing, formatting, and sharing Revit software model data using the Dynamo extension and packages such as LunchBox and Slingshot.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use the Dynamo extension for BIM data mining
  • Learn how to extract element parameters and geometry
  • Learn how to format Revit software data for use by other applications
  • Learn how to connect the Dynamo extension to relational databases




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