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Practical Workflow Checklist for Using AutoCAD® Utility Design

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    A growing number of utilities are adapting AutoCAD Utility Design software as their primary design tool for electrical utilities. Successful implementation and use requires some up-front planning and forethought. This class walks through the five major steps that are involved in most AutoCAD Utility Design projects and ties these steps to a comprehensive checklist of things to consider when using Utility Design. We will cover important concepts behind the model-based, rules-driven design, and you will understand how this powerful new product can be used at your utility. The checklist will go beyond the basics, covering both new and rehabilitation design projects, listing steps to resolve validation issues, defining locations for the material order, creating a staking sheet, and providing some useful tips and tricks. Major workflows will be illustrated with a brief demonstration and references will be made to Autodesk’s new “Trial Experience” videos so that you can go beyond what is presented in the class.

    Key Learnings

    • Use status for projects that involve removing or replacing components
    • List the steps to create a material order and generate a field-ready staking sheet
    • Use a master project checklist to implement AutoCAD Utility Design
    • Describe Utility Deisgn concepts, including model-based design, containment, and component linking