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A Practical Guide for Generative Design in Product and Industrial Design

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    Generative design is a powerful tool that requires technical knowledge that doesn’t necessarily align with how designers work. This class will explore four key strategies for integrating generative design into product and industrial design: 1) Understanding best practices for setting up a generative design study, and determining how much modeling work is needed prior to running the study. 2) Obtaining outcomes that align with the design’s original vision. It’s common to see designers grow frustrated as they run several studies that create shapes that are unusable as actual components of a product. 3) Understanding in practical terms details related to forces, constraints, and other technical information that is not commonly used in product design, and that might affect the effectiveness of the generative outcomes. 4) Understanding how to best merge generative design geometry with other components that have been modeled directly in Fusion 360 software.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover best practices for setting up and running a generative design study
    • Learn how to use obstacles and preserved geometry to obtain results that align with specific design intent
    • Learn how to set up forces, constraints, and other technical details of a study in a practical way
    • Learn how to combine generative design geometry with components modeled directly in Fusion 360