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The Power of One Source: Extending Vault Professional Beyond Your Team

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    This will be an intrinsic look into data management using Vault Pro software and the ways it can connect to your outside team. Utilizing the in-the-box functionality of Shared Views, Shared Data, and Project Sync, we will uncover the multiple ways you can share and/or collaborate with teams outside of your organization. This class will cover the use cases for each type of collaboration, as well as the technical setup for each. We will also touch on the cloud applications that each of these uses, including Fusion Team and Autodesk Drive. Additionally, there’ll be a quick tour of options to connect your Vault data to other applications, such as ERP system and Fusion Lifecycle software. Each of these solutions will require some outside applications; however, a working knowledge of how and what you can integrate to and from your Vault data is essential in taking that next step to a complete “one source” environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover Shared Views, Shared Data, and Project Sync
    • Learn how to create use cases for each: Shared Views, Shared Data, and Project Sync
    • Learn how to generate the technical requirements to set up Shared Views, Shared Data, and Project Sync
    • Get an overview of what is possible (connecting to ERP, connecting to Fusion Lifecycle)