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Power Me Up With Vault

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    This class will cover the optimization and configuration of Vault software for electric and gas utility design data management. We will examine workflow and lifecycle configuration methodologies, how best to capture and define your workflow processes, and how to turn those definitions into optimized automated workflows in Vault software. We will also focus on some industry best practices and the unique challenges faced by utility companies in the management of their data and processes. We will look at how Vault software can, when optimally configured, be a tremendous asset in streamlining utility data management practices and can help drive standards, procedures, and processes across a utility company, with examples from utility industry-specific projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how Vault can help solve unique data management challenges faced by utility companies
    • Discover utility-specific configurations for Vault
    • Better understand industry data management best practices
    • Learn how to configure optimized workflows in Vault