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The Power of Communities of Practice: An Inside Look at How Knowledge Sharing Happens

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    Communities of practice have existed for a long time, helping users share knowledge by exchanging best practices, answering questions, and exploring new practice areas. Autodesk, Inc., has its own forums, but many communities exist that aren’t run or sponsored by Autodesk. We will share insights into non-Autodesk communities of practice—ranging from small to large communities—to understand their strengths and challenges. We’ll also explore how Autodesk’s internal culture helps or hinders its ability to nurture user communities, and what Autodesk can (and can’t) do to help communities of practice. We’ll take a look at the different forms these groups take and how to motivate members. We’ll look at value propositions and dive into the ways communities of practice can help you move your industry, your project, or your company forward. The goal of the session is to have a collaborative and interactive conversation that will deepen the insights and understanding related to communities of practice as a strategy for sharing knowledge.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the potential value of participating in communities of practice
    • Gain an understanding of why people participate and what their motivations are
    • Share insights and ideas on how to make communities of practice more effective
    • Network with professionals who share interests in communities of practice