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Plotting Survival Guide: Tips for Headache-Free AutoCAD Plotting

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    Learn to apply several proven techniques into your AutoCAD software environment that will negate the need for painkillers by removing the headaches from your plotting process. In this class you'll get tips, tricks, and best practices for achieving consistent plotting, regardless of the selected device or which office a user is in. We will complement advanced topics such as configuring plotter configuration files (PC3) by several easy-to-apply topics like named page setups and drawing templates. You'll walk away with a blend of thought-provoking ways to standardize plotting within medium and large firms, ensuring your plans look as professional as the designs you create.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to manage multidisciplinary plotting with plot style tables
    • Learn how to ensure consistent plots between devices with PC3 files
    • Learn how to standardize the setup of layouts using drawing templates and named page setups
    • Discover tips to simplify plotting for end users