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Playing with Sheet Metal in Inventor
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Do you want to know how to use Inventor software to create sheet metal parts? Automatically create flat patterns that your shop will actually use? Want to explore the exciting world of faces, flanges, and hems? And just what the heck is a K-factor anyway? Join us as we show you how to get started creating sheet metal parts in Inventor. We demonstrate step-by-step workflows from how to set up sheet metal styles through creating your first sheet metal flat pattern. After this class, you will be ready to begin your exciting life in sheet metal design! Even those who already use sheet metal may find a few tips and tricks to help with their designs.

Key Learnings

  • Set up sheet metal styles
  • Create a sheet metal template file
  • Describe the difference between sheet metal part files and regular part files
  • Use basic sheet metal commands (face, flange, contour flange, etc.)


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