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Digital Mockup Without Boundaries

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    During this presentation, we provide an overview of Mockup 360™, a new cloud-based digital mockup tool for manufacturing industries. Mockup 360 removes many of the existing barriers to working collaboratively on full 3D mockups, such as model size, cost, IT implementation, and limited sharing. Mockup 360 works seamlessly with Autodesk® Product Design Suite, Factory Design Suite, and Inventor® software by allowing users to directly upload their 3D models into mockups and share with colleagues, suppliers, and customers. In addition to introducing the product, we outline typical workflows that take advantage of the power of the truly open collaboration in Mockup 360. After this class, attendees should be comfortable with the basic concept of the product and be able to make a decision on whether Mockup 360 can improve their design processes.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the Mockup 360 product
    • Define the collaborative workflows where Mockup 360 can be used
    • Get started with Mockup 360
    • Decide whether Mockup 360 can help to improve your business processes