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Inventor Simplification: Lean Assembly Processes

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    This hands-on lab teaches how to use Inventor software to simplify workflows, data processing, and proprietary designs using the Inventor Simplification feature. Simplification, previously available from Autodesk Labs as a technology preview, is now included with Inventor 2014. The Simplification tool is leaner than Shrink Wrap, yet it produces well-derived components. Intelligent referencing can and will assist in the heavy upper loads for large assemblies. Combinations of iParts and iAssemblies are also included. The lab begins with a short lecture discussing preparation for Simplification, then transitions into workflow layout methodology. We end with Inventor modeling. You will learn best practices for using components and assemblies to reduce time spent (productivity) and to increase drawing information.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain what the Simplification tool does
    • Apply the benefits derived workflow
    • Set a workflow diagram