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Obliterating the Labor Cliff with Digital Natives.

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    How do we ensure graduates have the requisite skills that businesses need when modern digital tools are advancing so rapidly? How do we teach those students to be versatile to adapt to the digital technology changes? How do businesses know what work flows, technologies and platforms can help them with digital transformation, and what skills and personas would help them exploit it? The answer: PrintCity, a digital manufacturing facility in Manchester, where students and businesses collide, collaborate and innovate. An open-door policy, a first of a kind MSc Course with multi-disciplinary in-take, a commercial service and an open collaborative space to encourage managed serendipity. The outcome; enhanced student experience, accelerated graduate outcomes, high-quality employment and digital transformation. Learn how PrintCity is obliterating the labour cliff. Powered by Fusion 360, PrintCity has converged design and manufacturing to deliver over 150 projects with businesses since 2018.

    Key Learnings

    • How to develop a collaborative space for businesses, students and academics
    • How to establish an effective Industrial Advisory Board to support curriculum development
    • How to work collaboratively across faculties and departments to deliver engaging and informed content
    • How Fusion 360 has been used effectively to on-board and accelerate learning for student cohorts from various disciplines