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(Not) Just Another Digital Twins Presentation

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    The digital twin is a concept resulting from the advance and convergence of many different technologies. This has both complicated and over-simplified industry discourse on the topic. Often lost in the discussion about the tech and the solution vendors is what a digital twin describes (the virtualization of a real-world thing or process), the value proposition (capitalizing on digital technologies to improve how we understand, predict, and manage change to our built world), and how to properly engage with the concept (starting with use cases!). Sean OIcott, VP of product and innovation at Gafcon Digital, will join Casey Mahon, senior manager of customer adoption at Autodesk Tandem, to provide a background on the concept, a summary of current and future design and construction use cases, an evaluation of solution vendors on the market, and a demonstration of an example construction use case—the Smart Jobsite—using Autodesk Tandem software.

    Key Learnings

    • Develop a baseline understanding of the digital twin, its enabling technologies, and related concepts.
    • Learn how to separate the jargon from the substance when evaluating digital twin solutions and vendors.
    • Learn about applying a framework to evaluate and prioritize potential digital-twin use cases in design and construction.
    • Learn about how IoT systems can be integrated with Autodesk platforms and applications during the construction phase of a project.