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New Innovations for the Next-Generation Tunnel Boring Machine

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    In the heart of innovation, nestled within the esteemed halls of the Technical University of Munich, stands TUM Boring—Innovation in Tunneling e.V.—a beacon of progress. Comprising 50 students, this initiative embodies a collective dream of crafting the future. Their ambition? Challenging the conventional paradigms of today's mobility infrastructure through a reduction in tunnelling cost. Embracing this challenge, the student team from Munich built the world's fastest tunnel-boring machine, earning them first place twice in Elon Musk's prestigious Not-a-Boring Competition. Hosted by The Boring Company, this event challenged teams globally to demonstrate their prowess in drilling a tunnel both swiftly and precisely—30 meters in length and 50 centimeters in width. Journey with us as we recount a tale of audacity and resilience—from the project's humble beginnings in July 2020 to winning the competition twice. Uncover how a team of students spent 40 days tirelessly working on their machine on a ranch in Texas, encountering and solving unconventional challenges every day, to prepare for the competition. Within this narrative, uncover the spirit of 50 passionate students who, disobeyed conventions forged ahead, won competitions, and redefined what is possible in the realm of tunnel boring.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the working principle of a tunnel-boring machine.
    • Discover the key innovations of the next-generation boring machine.
    • Uncover the working processes of a high performing team of students