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New Character Rigging and Animation Tools in Maya

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    Maya software has recently added some significant new tools for character rigging and animation. These include Offset Parent Matrix, which creates an entirely new way to think about rigging characters. Understand how this feature works and how it can simplify rigs to make them both faster and easier to understand. In addition, new utility nodes such as UV Pin, Proximity Pin, and Rivet can help accelerate facial animation and other skinning tasks. Learn how to use these tools to create better rigs for your characters. Animation features include a brief tour of the new Maya Motion Library, along with a number of animation productivity enhancements, which can speed the animation process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about how Offset Parent Matrix changes the rigging process.
    • Learn how new utility nodes can speed skinning and facial rigging.
    • Learn how to access Maya software’s Motion Library.
    • Become familiar with animation productivity enhancements.