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Networking Autodesk Products from A to Z

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    This course will walk you through the licensing and software delivery steps that assure optimal implementation of Autodesk software across your network. We'll focus on the critical decision points in the deploying and licensing of Autodesk products, with emphasis on recent changes and industry best practices. We'll cover planning, implementation, fault tolerance, day-to-day administration, and troubleshooting techniques. This course is ideal for IT administrators and CAD managers involved with Autodesk licensing and software installation. Old pros say this class is a great refresher. Those new to the subject matter leave with more direction and confidence. Discover why many Autodesk University attendees sign up for this course year after year.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement the Autodesk License Manager to meet the requirements of your organization
    • Learn how to use licensing to maximize your company's software investment
    • Understand license management fault tolerance options offered by Autodesk
    • Troubleshoot licensing and deployment problems