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Navisworks Has a Point to Prove, But What Is the Point?

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    Navisworks 2014 software onwards gained an enhanced capability to utilize point cloud data via the use of the ReCap software engine. The aim of this class is to demonstrate how you can use this enhanced capability on infrastructure projects with point clouds upward of 2.5 billion points. As infrastructure engineers we often have to work around existing constraints of buildings, footbridges, flyovers, railway arches, bridges, and a wide range of other structures, all of which need clearances from our carriageway envelopes. We will look at how you can use these large point clouds to not only demonstrate these interactions to our clients and stakeholders, but also to utilize the model to check lateral and headroom clearances and visually inspect visibility issues.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use ReCap to extract the required data from the point cloud and import it into Navisworks
    • Learn how to use Navisworks to manually verify headroom clearance from a road alignment to a point cloud of an existing structure
    • Learn how to use clearance envelopes with Navisworks Clash Detective to automate structure clearance checks
    • Learn how to use Navisworks to visualize complex projects and demonstrate visibility requirements to approving authorities