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Nature on Chain

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    The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) has opened new frontiers for creative expression and world building, transcending traditional boundaries of imagination. This session will explore the potential of AI-generated worlds in fostering empathy, rituals, and community building, while reflecting on the environmental challenges faced in the Anthropocene. We’ll discuss a case study of an imagined world, that we call Eden. This world was designed to have one-to-one mirrors of the relationships formed between ecosystems on planet Earth, while being different enough to avoid an uncanny valley effect. We’ll highlight the role of AI-generated worlds in providing a mirror for understanding our own planet and community, emphasizing the importance of empathetic practices for planetary interests.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about working with AI to develop digital stories.
    • Learn about the importance of local ecology as it relates to the environment.
    • Learn about fostering empathy, rituals, and community building through virtual worlds that can be brought back into the physical world.
    • Learn how to use Metaverse worlds to inspire community and connectivity.