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Multidiscipline GIS: A Case Study of the City of Alexandria

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    Because not all utilities manage only 1 type of distribution service, it is important for multidiscipline utilities to learn how to manage their GIS in a way that benefits the entire organization. In this class, we feature examples from the City of Alexandria, which is transitioning from a limited CAD-centric process to a multidiscipline GIS-centric process. Attendees learn about the process of data acquisition and how to obtain high-resolution imagery from the various disciplines within the organization. We also show you how to navigate the various stakeholders, determine possible technology issues, and migrate the data to set up the system so it is advantageous to all departments involved. Finally, we discuss some of the ways that the City of Alexandria has deployed their system and how they are planning to move forward in the future with AutoCAD® Utility Design software.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the intricate process of setting up a multidiscipline GIS
    • Explain the process for data acquisition and how to obtain high-resolution imagery
    • Navigate the technological issues that can present themselves in a multidiscipline GIS
    • Describe the City of Alexandria's process for implementing Autodesk technology for utilities