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Multidisciplinary and Performance-Based Design

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    Do you design things that move? If so, read on. Design cycles get shorter and shorter. To compensate, mechanical engineers and designers must engage with related disciplines earlier in the design process. In many cases, understanding the performance of the design at these early stages is crucial to facilitate such collaboration. The Inventor Team is investigating tools and technologies that will enable mechanical engineers to characterize and understand the performance of a design much earlier in the design cycle; encapsulate such "Performance Models" in such a way that other design disciplines can capitalize on them; use these models to ensure that the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and even controls-engineering designs meet machine requirements; use the outcome of these "Performance Models" to size both purchased and fabricated components. This roundtable will enable you to influence this exciting technology, and it will help us understand your workflows and needs.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about Autodesk's current thinking in this area
    • Have an open discussion with your peers about how this tech should evolve to meet your needs
    • Inform Autodesk designers what you think of the overall direction
    • Inform Autodesk designers what specifically is interesting to you about this technology