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Modernizing Alias—Roundtable

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    The purpose of this discussion is to help shape the future design of Alias software. We will discuss the potential impact of innovations in design and technologies. You will have a chance to impact change that could increase productivity within Alias software workflows. We will detail problems in current product offerings, and discuss how new technologies and designs could help. We will also discuss how tablets and other modern devices and technologies could impact the future of making things within Alias software. Come willing to participate in this collaborative discussion. How will you and other users be involved in influencing the future interface of Alias software? This session features Alias Automotive, Alias SpeedForm, and Maya.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a better understanding of future technology innovations and how this can benefit Alias
    • Discuss gaps in the current market of automotive design
    • Envision future devices, tools, and workflows that could increase productivity using Alias
    • Influence the future of Alias software’s UI and impact the future of automotive design