Lecture    MA2711
Modeling for 3D Printing with Autodesk Design Suites
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Learn how to use Autodesk Design Suite tools for 3D printed prototypes. The class begins with an overview of several current 3D printing technologies. After reviewing how they work, you will understand why modeling details can make a difference. Building on that, we cover several modeling tips for use in Inventor® software that take advantage of tools such as multibody solids, motion constraints, and user parameters to facilitate adjustments for the 3D print. We also explain how to use 3ds Max® software to easily add coloring or imagery that can be used by full-color 3D printing technologies. At the end of the process, learn how positioning of your model can affect print and processing time or even model functionality and appearance. You will see real-world examples and 3D printed prototypes throughout the class.

Key Learnings

  • Identify and describe the basic classes of 3D print technologies
  • Prepare both still and moving Inventor models for 3D printing
  • Apply colors or images with 3ds Max for transferring to a color 3D printer
  • Plan how to position models for best surface finish and efficient printing and processing




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