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Migration to Vault Software for Managing and Tracking Documents Internally and for Contractors

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    After 25 years of managing drawings electronically, Public Service Company of New Mexico, Inc., (PNM) decided to use Vault data management software to automate its drawing tracking process. This lecture will first review past drawing tracking processes. Then we'll cover how PNM now uses Vault software to track drawings; track construction documents with contractors/vendors for station design projects; and track transmission and distribution design projects. In particular, the session will explore how the various configuration capabilities (such as categories and lifecycle states) can be used to tailor Vault software to meet specific utility requirements. We will also allot time for questions and answers regarding ideas and options for Vault software uses.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover data management lessons learned for electric utilities
    • Learn about data management support for external contractor/vendor
    • Learn data management effective practices for Vault software configurations
    • Discover data management business process rules for lifecycle and categories