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Microsoft SCCM Deployments, Tips, and Tricks for Experienced Users

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    This class will cover the creation of deployments of Autodesk products and updates using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (commonly referred to as SCCM). Microsoft SCCM is the most commonly used systems management software product used by Autodesk customers, and with the 2019 releases, we’ve optimized our software for SCCM compatibility. This class is targeted toward customers with a firm understanding of SCCM who want detailed information about deploying Autodesk products and updates. Topics will include using advanced settings such as the Hybrid and application model in SCCM. There will also be a detailed walk-through of how to debug common deployment issues.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use and configure products using the Autodesk deployment wizard
    • Learn how to configure hybrid/application model deployments of Autodesk deployments
    • Understand the different ways to deploy updates to deployments
    • Gain a deeper understanding of troubleshooting deployment issues with Autodesk products