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Mastering Micromachining

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    Micromachining is a notoriously demanding process that requires precision beyond levels that most machine shops are comfortable with. However, any shop can take on micromachining jobs with the right cutting tools, machines, accessories, and some knowledge on the differences between traditional machining and the nuances that micromachining brings with it. In this session, we will dive into strategies for successful micromachining, covering both micromilling and microturning applications. We will talk about cutting-tool selection and how it can differ from traditional machining standards, how miniature tooling reacts differently in the cut than larger tooling, and ways that you can take your machines to the next level with high-speed spindles and accessories.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the world of micromachining and learn how anyone with a CNC machine can enter this world. `
    • Learn about the major differences between micro-tooling and larger tools and how that affects programming and tool selection.
    • Experience how new tool geometries can greatly improve your machining workflow and productivity in the micromachining space.
    • Learn how to apply proper speeds and feeds and programming recommendations for microtooling and precision-machining applications.