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Managing a Complete Site Over Multiple AutoCAD® Plant 3D Projects

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    It is quite common for companies to manage many projects for one site; however, it requires that the design documents are contained within one entire project to enable consistency in documentation. The documents can be managed in such a way that the projects can all be run concurrently, but updating occurs in one location. In turn, this process enables external use of the data, such as in Autodesk® Navisworks® software or database software that is also managed as a single project/site entity. You will learn how to contain the integrity of site information, such as P&IDs, models, and isometrics. We will outline the requirements and benefits of managing projects in this type of system.

    Key Learnings

    • Set up reports based on the main project and the subprojects
    • Set subproject-specific properties to not interfere with the main project
    • Set up an AutoCAD Plant 3D project that is based on a complete site, with the intention of running a number of subprojects
    • Link other AutoCAD Plant 3D projects into a main site project