Managing a Complete Site Over Multiple AutoCAD® Plant 3D Projects
Lecture    PD2653
Jarrod Mudford
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It is quite common for companies to manage many projects for one site; however, it requires that the design documents are contained within one entire project to enable consistency in documentation. The documents can be managed in such a way that the projects can all be run concurrently, but updating occurs in one location. In turn, this process enables external use of the data, such as in Autodesk® Navisworks® software or database software that is also managed as a single project/site entity. You will learn how to contain the integrity of site information, such as P&IDs, models, and isometrics. We will outline the requirements and benefits of managing projects in this type of system.

Key Learnings

  • Set up reports based on the main project and the subprojects
  • Set subproject-specific properties to not interfere with the main project
  • Set up an AutoCAD Plant 3D project that is based on a complete site, with the intention of running a number of subprojects
  • Link other AutoCAD Plant 3D projects into a main site project


 Jarrod Mudford
Jarrod Mudford
Jarrod is an experienced piping designer, having spent most of his career in the dairy industry and geothermal industries in New Zealand. Currently, he is the piping expert for AEC Systems in Australia and New Zealand. He enjoys passing on his extensive knowledge to others and assisting in the success of companies utilizing Autodesk products, particularly with Autodesk Plant Design Suite. Jarrod also has vast knowledge of Autodesk Inventor and the advantages of using Inventor alongside AutoCAD Plant 3D. Jarrod has experience with Autodesk products dating back to the early days of Mechanical Desktop, and has worked through the years implementing Vault, Inventor, AutoCAD, Plant3D and P&ID.

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