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Mainstream Computation—from Specialized Skill Set to Core Capability
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Computational design is the “new black” for design practices, but how can an organization take a specialized skill set and turn it into a core practical capability? Matt Goldsberry and Nathan Miller will present strategies for developing a computational design network in architectural practice that addresses skill-set growth, tool creation, and content management. Using HDR Architecture as a case study, this class will explore tactics for growing this specialized skill set to be a core capability within a design practice. We will discuss computational strategies that have contributed to the ability to win work, create design efficiencies, and improve building performance. This session features Dynamo Studio and Revit. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn about tactics for creating a community of computational designers in an architecture firm
  • Learn about examples for using computation to communicate value to clients and win work
  • Learn about approaches for creating and sharing tools “at scale” within an organization
  • Learn about real-world applications of computational design in practice


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