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Library-driven automation for placing steel connections

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    This session will present how automating the placement of steel connections is now much easier in Revit with the introduction of Library Based Connections Design Automation. By leveraging comprehensive content libraries stored in .rvt files and delivered out of the box, the “Associate Connections with Profile Sizes” rule-based automation can quickly place all common steel connections in any size models, by following the precise rules dictated by the standards while also providing enough flexibility to the engineer/detailer to take guided decisions in what connections are created, and where. This workflow is intended to cut down the detailing time and provide access to more detailed models earlier on in the design process.

    Key Learnings

    • Use Revit to automate the placement of steel connections.
    • Correlate the libraries to the standard requirements of steel connections placement.
    • Extend the rules and libraries to suite specific company or customer needs.
    • Accessing and using the rules without any extensive training or setup required.