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Leveraging Generative Design technology to enhance product design for manufacturing

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    Generative design is a hot topic, but existing manufacturing methods like casting and injection molding seem to be hiding behind the curtains. This presentation will focus less so on additive manufacturing and more so on mass manufacturing methods currently being used industry wide. By leveraging existing generative design technology with casting and injection molding best practices, we can re-shape how current product design for manufacturing workflows can be achieved. By demonstrating the capabilities of new generative design technology, this talk will expose the new feature enhancements showcasing a realistic approach to the manufacturing and product design world which can be implemented into product design and manufacturing workflows today.

    Key Learnings

    • Outline Generative Design best practices for products intended to be mass manufactured by casting or injection molding.
    • Understand how Generative Design Technology can leverage current product design workflows.
    • Learn Fusion 360 best practices after achieving a Generatively Designed Part.
    • Outline how Generative Design Technology best practices can enhance plastic product design in the future