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Let the APIs Work for You: How PARIC Uses Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect for Automations

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    Innovation drives the work Paric does to help improve organizational efficiencies. With the ever-growing construction technology ecosystem, data silos become a real obstacle to get the most out of these tools. Autodesk provides many powerful software systems that can help simplify our lives, but it can be a challenge to get the different products to work together across an organization and with other tools. By maximizing the APIs provided by Autodesk Platform Services, and using tools like Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect, you can automate and streamline these processes to simplify what are otherwise repetitive and error-prone processes. These automations can provide the basis for future integrations across business operations. In this course, you will learn how Paric partnered with Autodesk Construction Solutions to automate the workflows between a CRM and Autodesk Build to reduce the required employee resources, increasing operation efficiencies and implementation of established corporate standards.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore how to collaborate with Autodesk Construction Solutions to "Build Answers.”
    • Learn how you can use Autodesk Platform Services APIs in Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect to create automated business workflows.
    • Learn how to design an optimized and streamlined workflow between Autodesk Construction Cloud and other external applications.
    • Learn how to implement automation solutions using APIs and Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect across different tools.