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Learning Industrialized Construction from Experts in Industry and Academia

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    The recent joint Autodesk/RICS paper “Future of Work in Construction” calls on industry, government, and academia to join forces to help ensure the adoption of industrialized construction (IC) for transformational change in our industry. Each stakeholder—academia, the private sector, and the government—has a part to play in this shift of thinking, behaviors, and processes in order to facilitate change. The future of the industry is highly dependent on the competence of graduates entering the workforce. In the face of troubling skilled-labor shortages, new employees must enter the industry with the abilities and exposure to technologies to drive digital construction, the IC processes, and higher levels of precision in construction. In this panel discussion, we will highlight the current status and develop a road map aimed at helping stakeholders work together to enable graduates who have knowledge of the required interdisciplinary skills embrace IC fully.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover strategies needed to incorporate skills and competencies required for education in industrialized construction
    • Learn how to develop a road map for engaging industry and academia in promoting the five megatrends of industrialized construction
    • Learn about identifying investments by all stakeholders—not just in terms of technology, but also in terms of teams, skills, and a digital-ready workforce
    • Discover the new roles that will be necessary to support industrialized construction initiatives