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Laser Scanning: How to Capture the ROI

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    Laser scanning has become a very prevalent topic in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry over the last several years. While the software and hardware has dramatically improved over the years, offsetting or justifying the costs can be a challenge. Rather the project is driven by schedule or cost constraints. What have been the challenges involved in overcoming these hurdles and recouping the benefits that scanning has to offer? This class will take a transparent look at the purchase and use of Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC's, first laser scanner. We will explore the additional challenges as well as the metrics used to prove value. This class is geared toward those considering the purchase of, or who have just recently purchased, their first scanner or who want to learn more about the technology.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover laser scanning
    • Learn some of the different applications for laser scanning
    • Learn how to create a cost model to support the use of future investments in scanning
    • Learn how to apply and track metrics that measure the ROI