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Roundtable    BLD225566-R
Knowledge Sharing and Lifecycle User Training
Autodesk University
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How do you train your staff? How do you even know what to train? Do you test or retrain to ensure retention? Traditionally, training occurs in silos (based on discipline, function, or office location), often isn’t captured for future use (often through email or 1-on-1 conversation), and relies heavily on expert-level “gurus” as gatekeepers of knowledge. Design practice has evolved to keep pace with technology, mobile and geographically diverse employees, and the increasing speed of project schedules. To increase efficiency, organizations must pursue a culture of continual training, knowledge sharing, and skills assessment to break down the silos. This session will discuss ideas for Lifecycle User Training and methods to develop a knowledge-sharing culture that expects skills assessment. We will explore ideas on developing resources where corporate knowledge is retained, searchable, accessible, and inherently social.

Key Learnings

  • Understand and learn how to manage Lifecycle User Training, starting with employee onboarding
  • Learn how to break down organizational silos and traditional barriers to effective knowledge management
  • Learn about “pushing” and “pulling” knowledge to drive social learning and communal problem-solving
  • Understand the value of skills assessment and how to communicate expectations without generating fear


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