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The King's Approval: How to Use Fusion LifeCycle (PLM) to Manage Your Hierarchy

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    The class will aim to share relevant and transferable stories about cost-saving Fusion LifeCycle use cases as they relate to product management and internal operations.The class will focus on three areas: (1)Recognizing the overlooked losses in an organization - time; (2)How to transition from analog to digital management systems - the short term adversities and the long term payoff; and, (3)Using Fusion LifeCycle to promote positive culture change within your organization.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the challenges of analog management in a digital marketplace.
    • Learn applicable PLM solutions to address product and task management adversities.
    • Assess the cost savings and advantages of digital management (task automation).
    • Identify and evaluate misunderstood and, and often, unseen fractures in the cyclic process of product management.