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“A Job Weld Done”: Getting to the bottom of modeling welds in FEA… Debunking common perceptions.

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    In this class, Autodesk Simulation experts will examine the commonly understood, and often published, methods for modeling welds in finite element analysis (FEA).  The true nature of welds, their physics, material characteristics, and failure modes will be reviewed in the context of what you can and can’t expect from simulation. Best practices for static weld sizing using FEA, primarily Nastran In-CAD, and Inventor will be revealed.  Evaluating welds for fatigue will also be reviewed to ensure participants are using state of the art simulation for all their welding applications.

    Key Learnings

    • Set realistic expectations for weld simulation in FEA
    • Learn the current best practices for including welds in a FE model
    • Learn how to reliably predict weld suitability for static loads using FEA results
    • Understand how to apply best practices for estimating weld fatigue