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IoT Manufacturing Demo: Optimizing CNC Toolpaths Using Fusion 360 and Forge

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    In this demo, we will walk through a simplified example of capturing real-time manufacturing data (cutting temperatures) from a hobby-class computer numerical control (CNC) router as it machines aluminum, visualizing that data on the visual model of the part being manufactured. Cutting tool and workpiece temperatures are direct indications of cutting efficiency and tool health. Mapping temperatures can help validate and suggest adjustments to feeds, speeds, and depth of cut to achieve the nominal chip load. While this is far from an industrial solution, this demo will show the power of IoT manufacturing within a simplified context to explore the utility and promise of cloud-based manufacturing solutions, built with Forge.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Forge APIs to connect real-world, embedded device sensor data to design visualization.
    • Learn how to interact with Fusion 360 designs in the Viewer.
    • Learn how to program ESP32/Arduino controllers to capture and send sensor data to cloud service.
    • Learn about the promise and value of IoT manufacturing.