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Invite Your Suppliers to the RFQ Party with Fusion 360

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    Fusion 360 Manage software is great at supporting business process workflows and bridging company silos across product changes. You can also use it to pull suppliers into those processes. One of the most common ways is through the RFQs (Request for Quote) process for new parts or part revisions. Using custom workspaces, we will show how to get engineering stakeholders, procurement stakeholders, and outside vendors communicating with PLM (product lifecycle management) as a common medium. We will cover how an engineer can put out a request to the purchasing department, how purchasing can share that part with multiple vendors, and how those vendors can provide quotes for that part in their own private quote workspaces. This creates a less disjointed process and quicker costing analysis.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to give access to outside users and control permissions for what they can see
    • Learn how to translate a business process into an automated PLM process
    • Discover a way to link workflows, where states in one control transitions in another
    • Explore scripts and how they are used for this solution