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Inventor Nesting Isn’t Just for Sheet Metal

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    You may have thought Inventor Nesting software is just geared toward sheet metal components. Learn how to use Inventor Nesting for other types of components and materials. Even if these designs come from AutoCAD software, other 3D CAD applications, IGES/STEP, or they reside in a DXF file format, this session will cover how to use different file formats in your nesting process. From setting up your raw materials, templates, and nesting studies to exporting the results back to your computer numerical control (CNC) process, this class will clearly demonstrate that Inventor Nesting isn't just about sheet metal. In addition, this class will offer an extra bonus demonstrating how the Inventor Nesting interface can be used to optimize a saw cut list and costing study for your bar stock material

    Key Learnings

    • Discover Inventor Nesting.
    • Learn how to extract and use a non-sheet-metal component for nesting.
    • Learn how to use AutoCAD drawings, DXF, or other file formats in your nesting layout.
    • Learn about the saw cut method.